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Balloon Twisting by
Dr. Andrew
(Doctor of Balloonology)

  • He's not crazy, he's a Balloonatic!
  • He's an Air-head Artist!
  • It's a twisted job, but somebody has to do it!

Andrew the Balloon Man has been making balloons for only about 28 years.  So, he's still working at it.  It takes a lot of patience.  And that's why they call him Doctor of Balloonology (because he has patients).

Dr. Andrew made balloons as his main source of income for many years with almost a decade of restaurant entertaining experience. 

Now as the Pastor of
Canaan Baptist Church, he has moved more of his attention into training and teaching.

He has made several DVD's, showing how to make all kinds of figures from simple and elegant to complex and extreme.  Because he has worked crowds and restaurants most often, he emphasizes sculptures that can be made on the fly even when there are lines of people waiting.

Check out his pictures and his DVD's on his
Balloon Twisting Website .  There is something for twisters of all levels to learn.

You can reach Dr. Andrew at